This is our goal. With your support we can create a hub in Gibsons and surrounding areas for fun, cutting edge physical fitness for ALL ages and levels of experience. Together we can encourage and enable each other to achieve personal growth from the inside out .

C3 offers one to one personal training and a variety of movement classes, including our brand standard CrossFit (see Classes & Pricelist for more information). Our programs are expertly tailored to specifically meet the needs of our members. C3 Programming  is scalable and appropriate for ALL levels of fitness. Classes & PT programs are written and managed by our head coach Milan Fraszczak, who has worked internationally in the industry for over 10 years.

The group dynamic of our classes will provide you with an uplifting sense of connection and camaraderie, working out will no longer feel like a chore, or unpleasant necessity, but will become a social event to look forward to!

We’re happy you landed on our page and we look forward to seeing you in the Box!


Head Coach: Milan Fraszczak

  • Started Tae kwon-do at 9 years old
  •  Won National Champion title and medals at European and World Championship by the time he was 20 – 3. degree black belt
  • Graduated with a Masters Degree at The University School of Phys Ed where he trained as a teacher/coach 
  •  Founded a Tae kwon-do school (Poland) raised 3 black belts and medalists of national level competitions
  • London UK – 2008 – personal trainer at fitness clubs -Fitness First, Virgin Active, Gym Box, No.1 Studio.
  • Trained in Muay Thai  – 2010 – Suwit Gym, Phuket, Thailand for 3 months. Gained genuine experience training for 25 hours a week!
  • Completed CrossFit L1 Coach – 2011
  • Trained a Saudi Arabian prince – 2012- Jeddah.
  • Los Angeles – 2013 – Personal Trainer and Master Instructor at EQUINOX – providing education for trainers at clubs throughout Southern California.
  • Attended Institute of Motion mentorships with Michol Dalcourt, acquiring specialty knowledge in innovative and scientific movement – an amalgamation of personal training, coaching and physiotherapy.
  • Certificate in Nutrition from PRECISION NUTRITION – 2014
  • Coached at CrossFit North Pasadena CA. 2015 – 2016
  • EQUINOX Vancouver – 2016 – 2017 – having fallen in love with the Coast we at CrossFit Gibsons want to contribute to the local community and fulfill a shared dream of providing a quality training facility…and here we are!
  • Completed CrossFit L2 Coach

2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO C3!

  1. Hi, I’m new to cross-fit and wanted to sign myself and two teens up for the 7:30 am class tomorrow. I can’t find where to sign up? Is this possible? Thank you, Cari

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