Classes & Pricelist

  • CrossFit maximize your movement potential; this class is focused on improving one’s strength, skill and conditioning, we offer components for both sexes and all ages that will shape you into the athlete you never knew you could be!
  • AgelessFit relearn and restore your movement potential; this class  is for anybody willing to get rid of the old bad habits and take on the helpful new ones!
  • CrossFit Elements – learn the foundations of CrossFit; this class series is a part of an On-Ramp membership as a 6 weeks series of introductory classes. It is also available for other members to work on the technique without the regular fast pace.
  • Fit Teens Ages 10 to 16 – CrossFit style classes programmed for the rapidly growing teenage body. Movement is an incredibly valuable stimulus for a young, developing body too often overlooked or diminished in faCCC_Logo_Circle_BLKvour of technology and school overload. This class strengthens both physical and mental health, increasing self confidence.
  • Personal Training & Nutritional Coaching –   Personal Training at it’s best! Milan’s vast experience, knowledge and passion will produce the results you seek.         


An additional discount applies if you commit to any Group Class Membership or Personal Training package for:

3 months = 5% discount 6 months = 10% discount 

Additional 5% for an upfront payment!

On-Ramp – This is an intro membership for anyone who is new to CrossFit (Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettle bells). This allows our new members to attend our CrossFit Elements classes ONLY for a period of 6 weeks.

We offer this to ensure your safety and to secure all basics are under your belt before opening the floor to our full schedule.

  • $140/6 weeks

Alternatively choose 4 1:1 Sessions with a Coach to to bring you up to speed with the necessary techniques that will enable you to participate in the regular CrossFit classes. Includes:
– posture and movement assessment and analysis
– basic CrossFit specific lifting, gymnastics, conditioning techniques
– insight into programming and methodology of CrossFit
– 2 weeks max to use this package

  • $240/4 sessions

Unlimited – Use of All Classes plus Open Box time.

  • $160/month + 15% off PT
  • COUPLES – $290

CrossFit Only – Access to All CrossFit Classes per week

  • $140/month  + 15% off PT

Punch Card (10 passes) – access to all classes on schedule without expiration

  • $150  + 15% off PT

AgelessFit – 3 classes a week

  • $115/month + 15% off PT

Fit Teens – Thursday and Sunday class and Open Box time under parent supervision

  • $60/month or $10 drop in fee

Drop in – any class – $20 ($10 for members other than Unlimited) – needs to be booked ahead

Members of the Armed Forces, Fire Department, Police $110 

Personal Training / Nutritional Coaching

  • Head Coach Milan $95/hour for non-members / $80.75/hour for members
  • Coach Alysha or Coach Asha $80/hour for non-members / $68/hour for members
  • 1/week – monthly – 5% off
  • 2/week – monthly – 10% off
  • 3/week – monthly – 20% off

Please note: all membership prices exc. 5% GST 

We are happy to discuss the package and price options with you, to find what suits your unique, individual needs most accurately.


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