This page will help you find an answer to the most common questions we receive from our prospective and current members. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please send us an email crossfitgibsons@gmail.com


  1. What is the best way to start attending to classes – do I just show up to any class I can see on schedule?


If you’ve already decided that you want to become a member of our box please go to http://crossfitgibsons.wodify.com and purchase a plan of your choice – this will create your Wodify account and enable you to make a reservation for a class of your choice.

Alternatively you can make a reservation for a FREE TRIAL – please go to the link above and click on ‘Class Sessions’ tab to find an available class.

We recommend to start your adventure with CrossFit by attending a ‘CrossFit Elements’ class several times before moving to a regular ‘CrossFit’ class.

  1. When am I going to be billed for my membership?

All memberships are auto-billed on the 1st of every month. If you sign up for a new membership mid-month, you will only be charged for the remainder of that month on a pro-rated basis.

Only exception is a ‘Punch Card – 10 sessions’ which is auto-renewed after last sessions is pulled or when the card expires. Punch card is set for a 6 weeks expiry period. If you need to change that time please email us at crossfitgibsons@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

  1. What is the class cancellation policy?

Classes can be cancelled up to 1 hour before the class starts without a penalty. If a reservation is cancelled within 1 hour window an athlete will be charged $5 + GST cancellation fee. If an athlete does not show up to class they will be charged $10 + GST no show fee.

If there are no bookings to a class up until 1 hour prior to start time, that class will be automatically cancelled.

If you ever have trouble reserving a spot in your class please email us!

  1. How much in advance can I reserve a class?

Classes can be booked up to 72 hours in advance. Please make sure you cancel classes that you have booked but then realized you can’t make them as it often disables other members to attend.


  1. Are there any prerequisites to attend a CrossFit class?

The only prerequisites we expect are:

  • Training attire
  • Good health –injury free (let us know about any previous injuries – WAIVER TO BE FILLED PRIOR TO ATTENDING CLASSES)
  • Good attitude and a will to improve!
  • If you’re a minor we’ll need your parent or guardian to sign a waiver for you.
  1. Are there any programs for children?

Yes, we offer to programs for under aged members

  • Fit Kids – Tuesday and Thursday at 4.15pm for ages 6-10
  • Fit Teens – Monday and Friday at 4.15 pm for ages 11-16

To encourage participation of the younger part of population classes are priced at $50 + GST / month or $8 drop – in!

  1. What is RRP and Movement Flow? Who are those classes for?

Restore Repair Prevent (RRP) is a class designed to encourage recovery process in between CrossFit classes, to help restore natural ranges of motion in a movement deficient joints and to help prevent am injury that might be a result of a poor movement apparatus.  This class will teach you proper mechanics and habits to maintain in and out of the exercises environment. These abilities are crucial for us to enjoy a healthy body and help fuel longevity of our bodies.

Movement Flow is a class designed to complement CrossFit training but also for anyone who like to exercise in a less intense and rigorous setting. CrossFit as great as it is encourages training mainly in 1 plane of motion (forward, backward, up and down). Our bodies are designed to move in all 3 planes from which rotational plane is actually a dominant one! Therefore it is important to encourage ourselves to move in all 3 planes. By definition of fitness established by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman an important part of fitness is taking up and learning new sports. If you as a box member are successful in participating in a variety of other activities then your body’s need to move in all planes of motion should be satisfied.  We know however how hard it is sometimes to dedicate your time and money to different activities – that’s why we designed Movement Flow class – to ensure that your body’s mechanics are looked after and your coordination, timing, special awareness and reaction time are challenged enough for your body keep improving rather than stagnating.